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What are Water Savers and How to Save Water using Water Savers

Water Savers are devices which are used to save water in Industry or household to cut down water utility bill and conserve water to be environment friendly.
Water Saver devices include filters, devices to fill less water into the cistern tank and devices to help in conservation of rain water.
How to Save Water Using Water Savers
Toilet Cistern Tank - You may save Water by using a Device to fill less water in a toilet cistern tank so that less water will be used to flush the toilet.

Check Leakage of Cistern: You may check the leakage of cistern by adding some color in the cistern tank, if the toilet becomes colored within half an hour it means your cistern is leaking. Get it replaced or repaired as the replacement parts are very cheap.

Rain Water Harvesting - Conserve rain water in a storage tank which can be used later to water your plants when it is not raining and for other household purposes like cleaning dishes etc.

Insulate your Water Pipes – There are several types of insulators available which will prevent the heat loss in your hot pipes. So you will get hot water faster and you will not waste it for being less hot.
Water filters – Installing Filters is another method of saving equipments as you will develop a habit of using filtered water which will be stored in a small water tank restricting you to use less IRO water.

Drinking Water: Store drinking water in a refrigerator rather than using tap every time which may result in wastage. Instant Water Heater – An instant water heater installed in your kitchen or bathroom will be a water saver for you. By installing it you will not need to drain out cold water out of the pipe every time you need hot water.

It will instantly heat up only the required quantity of water for you.

Repairing Leakages - Repair the leakages of pipes with several water savers seals available in the market and repair dripping taps by replacing washers.
Earth is made up of 75% water but only 3% water is consumable, thus saving water becomes necessary for the welfare of our future generations. The water savers devices and tips mentioned above will go a long way in helping conserve our natural resource.
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